A girl who can read people's memories wheedles herself into the services of an amnesic Prince to save her brother.

A thrilling adventure set in an original fantasy world. Available Spring 2017 in paperback and for kindle. Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the HOME PAGE if you want to be informed as soon as the book is available to buy!
About the Book

In a kingdom where those who can see people’s memories are outlawed, feared and forced into slavery, Mirra and her brother have escaped their fate by hiding near the frozen mountains.
When bounty hunters snatch Mirra’s young brother, she will do anything to get him back. Anything, including surrendering herself to her captors to travel with them across ice and snow to a lawless town.
In the town’s black market, the hunters sell her brother to a royal officer. But Mirra discovers a mysterious man destined for the same province as the officer, and arranges her own sale so she can follow them. Working for a Prince who cannot remember his past, under the watch of a dangerous mercenary who has carefully buried secrets, is fraught with danger. Mirra must outwit each of her adversaries, or her hopes of seeing her brother again will be cut by the noose around her neck.

#1 in Fantasy on the WATTPAD FANTASY HOTLIST

Genres: Fantasy, YA
Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee, this book is like air, i need it!
– @noromance101
These chapters are written BEAUTIFULLY! You are, without a doubt, my favorite writer on this site.
– @nagykt
Reading this feeds my soul.
– @Yrthraethra
Absolutely OBSESSED with Shadow Weaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When/where will it be available for purchase?
– @Australia8
I am writing this with tears in my eyes, I love this book you have done an amazing job with the story line and it all fits together so perfectly.
– @Leeshymay
Shadow weaver is the best book i ever read. Can't wait for the sequel.
– @lhay1923
I lost a lot of sleep reading Shadow was just too good to put down.
– @_laykeycakes
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